Master’s Degree Program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


The University of Stuttgart’s Master’s degree program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is aimed particularly at candidates who already have a Bachelor's degree. The study period is four semesters. In the course of the Master's program the methodological foundations of the Bachelor’s degree are expanded, and graduates are well-prepared to undertake demanding professional work in the academic world, in industry or in the service sector.


The Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology offers a number of specialized fields, from which the student can select one. These fields are:

  1. Automation and energy technology
  2. Information and communication technology
  3. Micro-, Opto- and Power electronics.


The Master’s program consists of compulsory modules, which must be attended; optional modules, where different choices are available; and an internship, which is carried out in the laboratories of the Institutes of the Faculty. The program concludes with the Master's thesis, which is written over a period of 6 months. In this thesis, students should show that they are able to use the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of their studies, and their creativity as budding engineers, to solve relevant problems in their field. 


Admission to the Master’s program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Stuttgart requires a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (or equivalent, awarded after at least six semesters of study),  or in a closely related discipline at a comparable level. Applicants may also be required to pass an entrance exam on the basic methods and content of electrical engineering and information technology. Exemption from the entrance exam (in whole or in part) is possible where the necessary knowledge has been demonstrated in the applicant’s first degree. This is a decision taken by the Admissions Board.


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Please note

The language of instruction in this study program is German. This is why you need a proof of your German language skills in order to apply.