The field of research Electronic Design Automation (EDA) offers several courses:

  • Layoutentwurf Integrierter Schaltungen (Vorlesung+Praktikum)
  • Entwurfsautomatisierung (Vorlesung+Übungen)
  • Projektarbeit

These courses are parts of our Master’s Degree Program Power Electronics and Microelectronics.

Layout Tutorial

In the framework of our course „Design of Integrated Analogue Circuits I“, we offer a series of lectures with practical exercises concerning the topic “layout”, given by Prof. Scheible.

The layout lectures cover all basic knowledge like fabrication steps, representative processes, layout of elements, principles of symmetry and matching, failure mechanisms and preventive measures, as well as topics concerning the layout design flow: design styles, design and verification steps and strategies.

Practical Exercises: Project „Chip Design“

In our student project „Chip Design“ the students get the opportunity, to design their own integrated circuits, to simulate, to layout and verify them, and on top they are fabricated in the Bosch factory and can thereafter be measured with modern measuring equipment at the RBZ.

The project is conducted analogue to an industry project including the same staff structure, where the assistants and professors do only play the role of consultants.

Each semester a new chip is designed and fabricated and as EDA tool the Cadence Software Virtuoso is used.

This unique opportunity is facilitated by the Robert Bosch GmbH.