Cadence Academic Network

The rbz is a member of the Cadence Academic Network. Cadence assists the rbz in academics and research.

What is the Cadence Academic Network?

The Cadence Academic Network was launched in 2007 by Cadence EMEA. The aim is to promote the proliferation of leading-edge technologies and methodologies at universities renowned for their engineering and design excellence. A knowledge network among selected universities, research institutes, industry advisors and Cadence was established to facilitate the sharing of technology expertise in the areas of verification, design and implementation of microelectronic systems. The Cadence Academic Network, therefore, significantly support and improve the universities activities.
The Academic Network became an integral part of CDNLive! where universities and industry members are offered a knowledge exchange platform in order to demonstrate scientific achievements, present ideas and establish further collaborations. The Cadence Academic Network manages a page for discussion and opportunities on Linkedln, and information can also be found an the Cadence Academic Network webpage. On Linkedln, the groups are moderated by the lead institutions of the Academic Network ensuring a constant flow of reviewed information relevant to academia.

Cadence Academic Network at rbz

The Cadence Academic Network enables rbz to use Cadence software in academics and research.

In various courses, the students of the Master’s Degree Program Power Electronics and Microelectronics learn about different Cadence tools. The main focus of the courses is on Custom IC Design. The students get hands-on-experience with the Cadence Virtuoso Design Environment and associated tools e.g. Cadence Spectre Circuit Simulator, Assura Physical Verification and many more.

In the academic chair Electronic Design Automation we use the Cadence Virtuoso Design environment as a foundation for development of our own tools and methodologies. In the academic chairs Integrated Circuit and Power Electronic Components Cadence is Software used for IC-Design as well.

Since September 2018 the rbz is a Lead Institution for Analog Layout Design and Verification (see the LinkedIn Subgroup).


You can access tools and scripts developed at rbz on our github page.

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Cadence Academic Network Video Challenge

In 2017 the Cadence Academic Network (CAN) celebrated its 10th anniversary. Therefore CAN called out a video challenge, where university members had the chance to present in a video how participation in the CAN improves their research.

Luckily our video was among the 8 winners. Happy Birthday, CAN!

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