Method for Automatic Design of Schematics for Analog Circuit Modules

Today PCells represent a widespread method of automation in designing analog circuits. Approach: A PCell-Design-Tool, which enables a fast, effective and efficient way of designing parameterized cells (-> cf. work of Daniel Marolt on LM-PCell).

Here, research focuses on the development of a design tool for automatic schematic creation(or design) for analog circuit modules, called Schematic-Module PCell. In a first step, OTA-structures are implemented into a corresponding PCell-Design-Tool.


The adoption of a Schematic-Module PCell leads to a continuous design flow on the same level of abstraction, without a loss of information. This is due to switchovers between hierarchical stages and to a considerable improvement of quality and productivity during the analog design flow.


  • Parameterized circuit diagram
  • Parameter affect the circuit's topology
  • Parameter space: one circuit class, several circuit types, several properties
  • SDL-Design Flow


  • No hierarchical break → no loss of information
  • Increased quality, increased productivity